Looking for the Perfect Climate

What is the perfect climate, and where can it be found?

“Perfect for what?” one might ask. The perfect climate for skiing is presumably different from the perfect climate for growing vine, sailing or building a solar power plant. Moreover, what’s perfect for me may not be perfect for you, as tastes differ in weather as it does in everything else. Some people may prefer cloudy weather, or large variation over the annual cycle, whereas others may like it dry and hot.

Nevertheless, many people would probably agree that a perfect climate is one which is warm but not too hot, relatively dry but with some rainfall, and copious amounts of sunshine. So a vague definition of the perfect climate would be something like ‘pleasant t-shirt weather year-round, mainly sunny but with moderate rainfall, not too windy and not too humid’.

So where on earth can the perfect climate be found? In fact, several places are said to have a perfect climate. These include:

  • The Canary Islands, Spain
  • San Diego, USA

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